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Wreck Diving - Haven

Posted by: Keith Tice   On: 26.Sep 2016  

News Story:

This weekend I dove on the MT Haven wreck. She lies about 1 nautical mile offshore from Arenzano in 36-80 meter depth.

My first dive was Saturday, the 25th Sep. Run time was 109 minutes, depth 82 meters. There was a thermocline at 20 meters, where temperature quickly dropped. Bottom temperature was 16 C, returning to the surface felt very warm 22 C. Daytime temperatures 25-26 C, nighttime 17-19 C.

Sunday's diving was with scooters. This was my first experience to drive a scooter and with only a make-shift D-clamp, it was not the most proficient. Ruedi suggested that I might want to take a scooter course. Ruedi teaches a scooters course, which covers more than just the handling, but repairs and care. So it looks like there may be one more dive course in my future.

The weekend was organised by Swiss Cave Diving (http://www.swiss-cave-diving.ch/frame_set.html). We dove with Techdive in Arenzano (http://www.techdive.it). The weekend cost: 75 Euro for a single room at the Riveira Hotel (http://www.hotelriviera-arenzano.it). The diving was 45 Euro x 2 (Sat and Sun). I only needed one 3 liter O2 fill for my rebreather, which costs 5 Euro per 3 Liter O2 fill.

In addition to the MT Haven, Techdive also dives the wrecks: UJ2288 @ 100 meters, Nina @ 115 meters, U455 @ 120 meters, MAS @ 66 meters.

So it looks like I will have to commit a few more weekends to visit all the wrecks.

Upcoming Events

Posted by: Web Master   On: 18.Oct 2016  

News Story: Currently the Events and Dives are looking pretty empty! Very soon I will post a dive for either this Sunday or Next Sunday at Au.

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Trigger Fish Attack at Crystal Rock
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